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Reduce costs immediately

Dealing with locums directly gives you complete control over the rates. Because there are no agencies, you can save between 15% and 20% on every booking.

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Book locums instantly
from anywhere

Post jobs, book locums and respond to queries with a click of button. You will be alerted immediately on your smart phone when a session is filled or a locum has a query.

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Reduce paperwork and

No more phone calls, emails and paperwork. Locumbox handles everything from jobs and invoices to document management.

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More control over
your budget

Financial tools provide you with a clear overview of your spend, giving you more control over your budget and planning.

Job Post & Scheduling

Job Posting and

  • Create, schedule and post jobs with a few clicks
  • Copy and repeat jobs for easier
  • Send and receive message locums directly if there any queries
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Green Shade

Digital Locum

  • Create your personal bank of locums
  • Book locums with one-click
  • Access locum documentation online
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Job Post & Scheduling
Emergency cover

Find emergency

  • Post jobs any time of day
  • Mark jobs as urgent so they are prioritised
  • Post jobs to available locums via app, SMS and email

Financial Analysis
and Reporting

  • Receive and track invoices
  • Real-time analysis of locum spend
  • Future Locum spend forecasting
Financial Analysis

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